The service is free to access for anyone with a broadband connection to access. Ziln links the audience reach of broadband internet with a potentially limitless amount of targetted live streaming and View On Demand TV/video content.


New TV channels owned and operated by third parties can be easily established on Ziln. Affordable Internet television delivery is now available to a whole new wave of ‘micro broadcasters’ who can create new content and tap into tightly-focused consumer markets with specialist advertising and interactive marketing.

Ziln provides a complete online turnkey solution for the hosting and delivery of content to viewers.

Channel content is managed directly by channel owners through a direct web interface with Ziln servers and the Ziln Channel Manager content management and presentation system.

Tools include posting, categorising and presenting video on demand content, creating scheduled channel playlists that play whenever a viewer arrives on a Channel page.

Owners have full control of their scheduled channel playlist and related View on Demand programmes – they directly manage their own advertising placement and revenues.

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If you are interested in purchasing a channel position on Ziln simply contact our business director darren.hunter@ziln.co.nz to find out more.


Original New Zealand channels playing scheduled programmes that are also available as video on demand.

Domestic and international television channels streamed Live broadcast.


Advertisers and sponsors can directly target audiences via the niche viewing choices provided by the growing number of Ziln channels, no matter how large or small. Advertising can be a mix of traditional pre role flash animations, TV commercials that can be scheduled like broadcast TV or associated with any video on the site, traditional banner ads and links, along with downloadable collateral that can be deployed with the channel’s video content.

Pre-roll Ads play in the Video Player Window as the live or scheduled channel playlist or a view on demand video/programme is loading.

On-page Ads are banner or skyscraper flash ads can occupy various positions on each channel page.

All Ziln ads can be assigned active links to another URL.

All activety in measurable using Ziln’s video platform reporting and Nielsen web ratings service.

To advertise on Ziln please contact or business directordarren.hunter@ziln.co.nz to find out more.