Hamster cages and choosing the best kind of your pet can be a bit of a challenge, given the fact that there are a number of factors that need to be kept in mind before buying the cage. While some cages have the best ventilation, some have the best spacious and deluxe arrangement. It is important to do a once over of all the factors before buying the cage. In this article we have enlisted about some of the hamster cages and what they are best for.

What determines a good hamster cage?

There are a lot of factors which decides the proper and the most suited cage for the hamster. We have enlisted some of the key points which ensure which is the best cage for the hamsters to stay in.

  • The cage should be very well ventilated. This is the most important thing to keep in mind because the hamsters excrete ammonia and if the cage is enclosed and not properly ventilated, then they are most likely to suffer a lot of health problems, especially respiratory problems.
  • The perfect size for any hamster cage is a major deciding factor. If the cage is too small, the hamsters are most likely to feel confined and become cage In general large hamster cages are almost always better choice, but sometimes, if the cage is very big and you don’t give your hamster any place to hide, they might feel lonely and scared. Thus, the size of the cage plays an important role as well.
  • Cages which can be easily cleaned always hold a top place when it comes to deciding the best hamster cages.


Wire hamster cages:

The wire hamster cages are the most popular kind and also the most bought cage. This is mainly because not only it is affordable but provides many other pros which are a definite must for all the hamsters. They are very well ventilated and also provide a lot of playing space for the hamster because the hamster tends to climb through the wires of the cage and play on their own. But it is very important to note that choosing a wire hamster cage should be done with a lot of scrutinies because any kind of loose wire might end up injuring the hamster.

Aquarium type hamster cages:

These kinds of cages are the ones which fall under the deluxe type of cages. They are the best for the dwarf hamsters and also for the ones who are very active. These cages come with the different tubes and tunnels installed in them which contribute to the daily activity of the hamster. They are often multi-level and thus provide more space for the hamster to play in. This cage type needs time to time cleaning because of their poor ventilation and large size.

Plastic hamster cages:

The last but not the least is the plastic hamster cages which are yet another type which is very popular among the different pet lovers. They are often very spacious and also provide a lot of ventilation to the hamster which is also a very good thing for the health and well-being of the hamster.