Those of us who are dog owners want the very best for our animal and training is part of that.  Then there are those that will send their dog to dog training classes expecting the super dog to come home.  Dog training classes are not for dog acrobats, or dog agility training, that is a totally different subject.  And when you actually think about dog training classes, is that really something you want to pay money for, or do you think it is something that you can do at home, comfortably with your dog.  Your dog will not be taken to a strange environment with someone he doesn’t know, and other dogs.

Or, you can do it yourself where both you and your dog are the most comfortable.  It used to of thought that a dog could not be trained until he reached six months of age.  That myth has now been debunked, and you can start training dogs much younger, especially the larger breeds such as German Shepherds and Great Danes.  Because these dogs grow so quickly, they are ready for training long before six months; four months seems to be a great age to begin.

If you are going to do the dog training classes yourself, remember that a puppy has a very short attention span.  You will start off with simple commands and little tricks.  Concentrate on only one command at a time and use rewards as your reinforcement.

Once your dog has the basic commands down, you will then be ready to expose him to people and other dogs, which will enhance your training in these areas and situations.

With these simple lessons, you will be ensuring that your puppy will easily assimilate with people and other animals, providing you a positive experience whether it be at the park, or on a walk.  Your dog will be well-behaved both at home and the public.

After you have taught your dog the basics, and you still feel that he could benefit from dog training classes, then you will be more comfortable in your choice.  You will be able to choose a more advanced style of training as you have already taught the basics in your own dog training classes.