Your little hamster is very active and enthusiastic. To keep it going, you need certain accessories for it. Actually, hamsters are loner animal. If you disturb its privacy, it won’t do well. To make sure that your little, furry friend do well and live longer, you should prepare a place for its good and that is to build up a natural place for it. Hamsters won’t make a fuss with food and drinks (they drink little). They even won’t disturb you in your daily work. The only thing you can do for them is to make them comfortable and free from boredom.

In order to do that, you only need to buy certain hamster accessories with which they can play with and also make their dwelling place interesting for them.

  1. Hamster Wheel– This is must keep inside hamster house. In the wild, hamsters used to run long distances at night in search of foods. Keep it as natural as you can by buying a hamster wheel. Make sure you are buying this according to the species you have. If you have a dwarf hamster, the wheel can be of 8 inches of diameter while for Syrian hamster, you need a wheel of 12 inches.
  1. The Hamster House– Before welcoming your cute friend, make the perfect house for it. Hamsters like to roam and explore. You must build a house which resembles their natural habitat. Make 2-3 chambers in the house for sleeping, playing, etc. The bed must be covered with toilet paper, and there must be space for food storing.
  1. Hamster Balls– You need to buy a large one. Actually, these balls often get very suffocating if you buy small ones. If you want to buy one, make sure it is large enough so that your hamster don’t need to bend its back. Like the hamster wheel, you must buy this accessory according to the type of hamster you have. The ball for dwarf hamster will not be the right choice for the Syrian species.
  1. Hiding Space– Hamsters need spaces where they can hide from the daylight. In the wild, they hide during the daytime in their burrows and get out at night. You can buy colorful arches and other shapes to make a separate place for their retreat or make it with toilet paper, cardboards, etc. The hide house must be according to the shape and size of your little pet.
  1. Feeding Dish– No matter your hamster fill its pouch to carry foods and take it to its special place for a midnight snack, a feeding dish is necessary to make them know the source of fresh foods. Also, a feeding dish is a good option if you want to feed it worms and insects.
  1. Water Bottle– It’s really a cute scene to watch your hamster drink water from water bottles. The hamster needs fresh water to drink, so keep water bottles inside the cage and change the water regularly, at least after 3 days.
  1. Hamster Toilet– Hamsters, are a basically clean animal, and they designate one particular area for doing their business. You should check out the area they have designated and make a bathroom there. Use soiled bedding to make it habituated with it.