Benefits of rugby

Even though rugby is not as popular as football, it is still a sport that many people love. Developed in the 1800s in England, this sport has become an international one. Today, it is being played mostly in Europe, Australia, America, and South Africa.

Whether it is being played for fun or at a professional level, rugby is a great sport to stay fit and healthy. Here are the amazing benefits that it offers.

It improves mental state

All team sports, including rugby, can give players a sense of purpose and a place within the team. Playing this sport or any other one can be a massive aid to any mental health treatment regimen.

An improved mental state means that you will become a more positive and happy person. So, your life will improve and so will the relationships with family and friends.

It develops speed and endurance

Training and playing rugby on a regular basis will increase your speed in running. Plus, it will also build your endurance. Over time, these aspects will have a positive impact on your overall health.

It builds strength

This sport is excellent for boosting upper body strength. It helps to develop the leg muscles. That’s because of all the running and battling in scrums that it involves.

Better self-confidence

This sport is excellent for everyone, especially for teenagers. It offers them better self-confidence, as the ultimate character-building sport. Rugby fosters team effort and togetherness, courage, and fitness.

It increases bone density

If you play rugby on a regular basis, then the bone density will increase a lot. This happens because exercise imposes stress on the bones. The deposition of calcium along the line of stress is being stimulated.

Plus, with an improved bone density, the player is less likely to deal with osteoporosis in later life.

It builds discipline

This sport requires a high degree of preparation. With organized training and a regular game schedule, people develop key mental skills of the discipline.

Moreover, self-control will also improve a lot. A disciplined person will be able to reach all her goals because her mind will be very well organized.

It improves flexibility

Agility is key in rugby, with the hands and feet requiring sudden changes of pace and direction. The sudden dodging and the constant twisting can also help a lot with flexibility.

Cardio benefits

Rugby is also a sport that improves the cardiovascular system. It does that by building a strong heart and lungs. So, these organs become better at delivering oxygen to muscles faster.

The sprinting across the field and the constant running gives the player a great cardio workout. The heart rate will increase and so will the interval training.

Stress reduction

While playing rugby, endorphins will be released. These chemicals are responsible for your happiness. The endorphins’ release will lift your mood and improve your sleep.

Rugby players also build resilience to stress and able to tackle problems off the field a lot better.

It helps build resilience

A great skill developed by rugby is the resilience and ability to persevere through pain. This characteristic serves throughout the rest of the players’ personal lives.

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