Is rugby a dangerous sport?

Rugby is a sport that has all the elements that should make it even more popular than it is at the moment. It combines some basic rules of football with some polo thrown in as well.

This sport is much bigger in Europe than it is in the United States. Plus, it is being viewed as a much tougher version of American soccer.

Can you get hurt when playing rugby?

In a rugby match, players make just as much contact as footballers. Yet, they wear only a fraction of protective gear. Unfortunately, there have been several deaths in rugby. T

hat happened due to the dangerous nature of the game. Rugby has been put in the spotlight for its injury risks. Rugby is a high-impact activity, as players fight to get and maintain possession of the ball.

Many of the injuries happen during player collisions. Below you will find some of the most common injuries that occur when playing this sport.

Hand injuries

Because most of the skill in rugby involves the use of hands, hand injuries may occur quite often. To pass and catch the ball, the players use their hands.

Plus, they also use them to protect themselves. The only protective equipment that is being used for the hands is taping. Yet, this equipment is still putting the hands in danger of being injured.

It is important to learn the right technique for reducing the risk of a hand injury. The players must also learn how to effectively tape the hand and fingers for protection.

You will often see in rugby, players who suffer concussions. A concussion can lead to serious health problems if not addressed right away. The player must know exactly how to recognize the signs of this injury.

This way, he can receive proper medical attention. Concussions happen all the time in rugby. That’s why you need to consider this aspect before playing this game.

In fact, anyone who wants to start playing rugby must know what the risks are. Plus, a good knowledge of the pros and cons of this game will help a lot with the final decision. Don’t get into the game before knowing exactly what this actually involves.

Maybe this sport is not right for you and you need to choose something else. Or, maybe it is perfect for your personality and you can become a professional rugby player.

Muscular strains

Muscular strains are not as serious as broken bones or concussions. Yet, they are a common occurrence when playing rugby. Being tackled is one of the most obvious reasons that these strains occur.

If the players learn the proper techniques, they will manage to prevent these strains. Moreover, players should also take special care to warm up and stretch before every game.

This way, their muscles will not be cold and susceptible to injury. To prevent these injuries, you need to wear protective gear and use the right equipment. A great pre-season conditioning program will also significantly reduce the incidence of injuries.

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