Is rugby safer than football?

There are people who are passionate about football, and there are people who are passionate about rugby. There are some similarities between these two, but there are also many differences.

Football is super popular all over the world, whereas rugby is very popular only in a few countries. Rugby might seem like a bad sport, but there are lots of people who consider it a safe sport.

Let’s take a look at rugby versus football injuries.

Different tackling approaches

Footballers achieve the force through mostly athleticism. Yet, some of it comes down to their tackling approaches. They can throw their whole body into the tackle since they feel very secure because of their padding.

Moreover, in football, every yard is being considered crucial. This means that in soccer tackling, it is imperative to stop the offense straight away. So, this sort of sudden stopping is actually causing concussions.

Rugby tackling has evolved to protect helmetless and paddles players. There are some teams that have trained on how to rugby tackle. The focus is on low, shoulder-impact.

Yet, rugby tackles are being controlled. You will never see the players throwing their whole body into the tackle. This means that they will never achieve the same level of force as it happens in football.

Preparation for contact

In rugby, you cannot pass the ball forward. Instead, you can pass it parallel or backward. So, rugby players will run-up to the ball and they will see when the defenders are coming at them.

This is an advantage as they can prepare for contact. Hitting the ground in the correct position will protect the players from injuries. With footballers is a whole different story.

In this game, forward passes are actually encouraged. Plus, footballers can also be tackled while still in the air. This is illegal in rugby. Footballers have more padding for protection. Yet, they don’t have enough time to evaluate how to take the blow.

Rugby is not a perfect sport

Even though rugby has many advantages, this sport is far from being perfect. One of the major disadvantages is the scrum. This is a mass of opposing bodies that many players from each team take part in.

It involves locking the shoulders with the teammates and pushing against opponents. This technique doesn’t exclude injuries. The truth is that each of these two sports has significant risks.

Rugby has a better record of teaching players great and positive habits. These habits are minimizing the players’ risk of injuries. Despite safety concerns, football is a lot more popular than rugby.

You will definitely have more opportunities to play soccer than you would with rugby. No matter the sport a person chooses, it is essential to have proper safety equipment.

Football and rugby as well, mandate a mouthguard, and this is not negotiable. Soccer players’ padding is more expensive, but it is mandatory for playing this sport at its full potential.

Although both sports need safety equipment, this is not enough of a reason to throw them out entirely. Make sure you are aware of the risks, and then make your own decision.

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