Rugby beginners: Steps to follow

Are you fascinated by rugby and you want to go for this sport? Your curiosity is being piqued, and you want to learn more about how to play this sport.

Well, if so, then it is important to know the rules that must be followed in rugby. Here is a short guide for those who want to start playing rugby.

Protection is essential

When playing the full contact version, it is essential to wear protection. The equipment includes an array of protective items. The mouthguards and the headgear are the two most important pieces of all.

Practice kicking

Kicking is being considered a vital skill in rugby. There are several types of kicks that must be practiced on a regular basis.

Practice catching

While practicing kicking, also practice catching. Also, practice a range of short and long passes. Spinning the ball whilst throwing is not essential, but it is definitely recommended.

Why? Well, because it is much easier to catch and it allows rugby players to throw it further.

Prepare with training drills

In rugby, training drills are excellent for the players’ physical condition. Shuttle-runs and circuit training are perfect for building up power. On the other hand, long-distance runs improve overall fitness and endurance.

Identify patterns

Once you know everything about the rules, it is important to identify patterns. Anyone can do this by watching more matches. This allows a better understanding of the game.

Rugby is still a fringe sport in America. Yet, in other countries, it is very popular.

There is an offshot of Union

The offshot Union is being called Rugby 7s. Just like the name, 7 men on each side compete. This game is a lot shorter in duration, but more expansive and quick.

There is an international annual series of tournaments taking place. This series can be found streaming online. Check it for gaining more knowledge about rugby.

Learn about the best rugby teams

In case you didn’t know so far, New Zealand All Blacks is the best rugby team in the world at the moment. Rugby is definitely a thrilling sport, a sport that has a thrilling history.

Start with these pointers and dig in as much as possible. It will be much easier to play rugby with a greater understanding of the game. Plus, this sport will be even more fascinating.

Rugby is contested in two codes

This is a very important thing to know about rugby. Being well-informed about this sport will help you understand it better. So, rugby is being contested in two codes.

These two codes are Union and Rugby. The Rugby Union is very popular worldwide. On the other hand, the Rugby League is very popular in Australia.

When most rugby enthusiasts are talking about this sport, they are referring to the Union. The biggest difference between these two codes is that the Union has 15 players and the League has 14.

Rugby has laws rather than rules

This sport has laws rather than rules. A real fan or someone who wants to start playing rugby must know this distinction. World Rugby has been founded in 1886, as the International Rugby Football Board.

World Rugby is the international governing body of this sport. For a more comprehensive view of the game’s laws, we recommend you to have a look at the official website.

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