Rugby betting strategies

Rugby is an exciting sport that many people worldwide love. Moreover, there are many rugby enthusiasts who bet on this game on a regular basis. Unlike football, the variance in rugby is much lower.

Often, totals are quite similar in the 40-60 points range. Yet, the rugby game lasts for about 80 minutes without stoppages. This means that it is easier to build out and test theories for rugby than the NFL.

For more useful information, take a look at the following rugby betting strategies.

Points Difference

Points Difference is the most useful number. This is the total points scored minus the total. No matter the team, take this and divide it by the number of matches played.

This way, you will get the average winning or losing margin. This is something that you need to do before a game. It will give you an idea of whether the teams are likely to be an even match.

So, you will know exactly whether to look at a high or a low margin between them. To have a better idea of the differences between the two sides, compare the points for and the points against.


It is important to avoid pitfalls. The top of the list is actually the context of a team’s form. Many punters look at two teams’ recent results, without analyzing their opponents.

A string of weak and strong opponents will quickly skew form. Plus, that applies doubly for scoring statistics. It is also a great idea to keep an eye out for teams that can grind out results in even matchups.

So, before placing a bet, the player must scour the statistical landscape for clues. Once he does that, he must see how that translates to value in the pre-match odds.

Standard winning margin markets

Those who are looking for bigger odds should go for the standard winning margin market. This is where the highest potential rewards are being found. Here, predictions are being made in blocks of 5 points.

Winning Margin 5-way market

Bettors who are looking to rack up regular but modest wins must try the winning margin 5-way market. This allows bettors to place bets on much broader outcomes in several matches. It’s all about the games you choose to bet on.

The most popular rugby betting markets

For a football match, people usually bet on the team they think will win. But, for rugby, the odds are often less competitive. Bettors can bet on Winning Margins, Half-Time Handicap, and First Tryscorer.

Also, another popular market is the First Scoring Play. Here, players can choose whether it will be a try, a drop-kick, or a penalty that will occur first.

On Anytime Tryscorer you can back a player to score at any stage of the game. Today, many of the leading online sportsbooks offer various markets for sports betting. The Rugby Union is by far one of the most popular ones.

This means that there is always an avenue for great profit. Bettors are being advised to delve better than just the game result market. If they don’t do so, they could miss out on other excellent avenues for revenue.

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