The basics of rugby betting

Before betting on your favorite team, you must spend some time learning about the basics. This way, you will lessen the risks that you are getting into.

So, the whole betting process will be easy and fun. Here are the basics of rugby betting anyone needs to know before placing his bets.

Fixed-Odds betting or spread betting? Which one to choose?

There are two forms on which a bettor can bet on rugby. There are fixed-odds and spread betting. Bother forms offer the bettor a chance to choose how he can actually win.

Fixed-odds involve a win or lose situation, a situation in which the bettor can bet on only two outcomes. When he wins, the amount won or the prize is being known before the bets are being placed.

On the other hand, spread betting provides a range by which a punter can win. The amount of won and lose varies. The closer a bettor is to a prediction, the higher the stakes and winning prize are. The situation is similar when losing as well.

Types of bets

In rugby, there are different types of bets. These bets depend on the bookmaker. The best thing to do is to bet on those that you are comfortable predicting. Let’s take a close look at each type.

1. Match markets

Markets are the range of activities available for betting on. This may be related to a particular team, handicaps, penalties, goals, margins, and so on. This varies per bookmaker. Some of them have lesser markets than others.

2. Handicap betting

A handicap point is assigned to a rugby team. This is being determined when the total points from a score are being subtracted or added.

3. Tryscorer bets

These bets refer to those bets that are based on a player. In general, the player is the one who scores a try. Yet, this type is a variable one. It changes depending on the bookmaker. Some are based on a first try by any team.

4. Match betting

This is the most straightforward type of betting. It is all about predicting which rugby team to win in the end.

5. Win margin

This is a bet by the margins on which a rugby team will win by. Note that the margins are from 1 to 5. The bettor will win only if the team he chooses wins by a margin between 1 to 5. Reputable bookmakers have different preferences in terms of bets.

Some of them focus on ed-odds, whereas others focus on spread betting. Even though they have some similarities, the prices and offers differ. Professional bettors have several accounts on different bookmakers to take advantage of.

The difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League

These two are considered two distinct sports. They both share the same origin but are very different in terms of gameplay. The Rugby League Football offers spectator-friendly gameplay.

The Rugby Union has retained most of the laws with bits of changes in scores. Plus, it is more try-oriented than goal-focused. Rugby is not as popular as football. Yet, it has created a following that aims to spread the passion for the sport all throughout.

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