Top 10 international rugby teams

There are a few sports in the world that are highly appreciated, and those include rugby as well. If you are a rugby enthusiast, then we are sure that you will like this article very much.

Here is a top 10 international rugby teams, to know exactly what teams are the best.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is definitely the best international rugby team. Over time, the team has won 2 world cups. If you have a look at the statistics, you will see that New Zealand is simply unstoppable.

2. Ireland

Ireland won lots of matches. The team has beaten All Black several times. Ireland is a very strong rugby team for such a small country. It has many talented players, including the amazing Johnny Sextons.

Over the past years, Ireland has beaten nearly every major rugby nation. Given the fact that this country is a small one, the results are more than excellent.

3. England

This team used to be exceptional in the past. We’re not saying that it is not great anymore, but something has changed. England doesn’t have as many wins as it used to have a few years ago.

From certain points of view, England is the heart and soul of rugby. The players are the most committed and also the most talented.

4. South Africa

The team from South Africa is playing with lots of passion. The players make but also correct their mistakes in a game.

5. Australia

Australia is also considered one of the best rugby teams in the world. In this country, there are lots of rugby enthusiasts. Those who are playing this sport at a professional level, are very talented.

Australia’s national team has won many teams, which is why it is being included in this top.

6. Wales

It is being said that Wales has rugby as a religion. Wales not only is one of the best international rugby teams, but they are legendary teams in the ’70 and 1900s.

In fact, there are only a few teams that can beat a Welsh team on top of the form. Welsh players are being talented and they play with lots of passion.

7. Scotland

Scotland is another country that has a great international rugby team. Many rugby enthusiasts believe that Scotland is even better than England.

It is just that the team had bad luck a few times they played with England. Despite this opinion, Scotland still has good and talented players.

8. Canada

Canada has a fairly strong team. There is no doubt that Canadians rock at this chapter. This sport is very appreciated in this country as well. More and more young people are choosing to become professional players.

9. Georgia

The Georgian national team is very powerful. There are only highly dedicated players who believe that they will achieve even greater things in the future.

Just like Canada, Georgia wasn’t in the past a country with too many rugby enthusiasts. Yet, today things have changed and people from here absolutely love this sport.

10. France

Unfortunately, France has played three times in RWC Finals, without winning any. The team has some talented players, but the strategy they are using is probably not the best.

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