Why is rugby considered the best sport in the world?

Rugby is being considered the best sport in the world. You are probably wondering why given the fact that football is being played and appreciated in every country.

Well, in the following, we will show you the reasons why this sport has received this title.

The Rugby World Cup is a truly global competition

Teams from every continent attempt to qualify for this sport’s greatest tournament in the World Cup cycle. There are 93 teams from Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania.

Moreover, previous competitions have been hosted by the traditional heavyweights of the game. We are talking about the UK, New Zealand, France, and South Africa.

There is a certain position on the field for every body type

No matter your shape and size, there is definitely a position for you on the field. You could be a great candidate for the front row, scrumhalf, fullback, flyhalf, loose forwards, or lock.

Rugby is a ’game of two halves’

This actually means that one half of a rugby match will always be different from the other. So, as a viewer, you will never get bored of watching a rugby match. There will always be something interesting and exciting to see.

It has a direct impact on beer sales

There is a noticeable uptick in beer sales every time a rugby match is on. Statistics show that almost 2-million liters of beer have been consumed during the 2015 rugby tournament.

From this amount, an estimated 1.3-million liters have been consumed at game venues. So, this sport has brought huge advantages to wholesalers as well.

Every match lasts 80 minutes

Viewers can finish watching a rugby match 10 minutes earlier than a football game. Many of the professional football and baseball games last a little over 3 hours on average.

This is not even considering how much time the ball is in play. Plus, let’s not get into the vagaries of a 5-day cricket test match.

This sport encourages diversity and fuels stoicism

This is another strong reason why this sport is being considered the best one in the world. Such detail has a positive impact on the entire world. Plus, there is a certain amount of admiration that players receive from their fans.

Rugby fans are not hooligans

Well, this is a huge advantage, not only for the players but for the authorities as well. We all have seen hooligans at football matches, doing all sorts of bad things.

Have we ever seen something like that at a rugby match? No, we haven’t. The atmosphere from a rugby match is fun and relaxed at the same time.

This is excellent for players as well, as they can concentrate better on the game. They will not be distracted as footballers are by hooligans.

Diving is encouraged in rugby

Diving is not allowed in football, but it is being encouraged in rugby. From this point of view, rugby is also considered better than football. Yet, football has gained a lot more popularity over time than rugby.

Even so, it looks like more and more people are starting to appreciate rugby.

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